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 Alice's Plotter

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Alice Chambers


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PostSubject: Alice's Plotter   Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:31 pm


While Alice doesn't really antagonize anyone she can come over as aloof or shy to people she doesn't know that well. Due to her disease she doesn't want to make many friends. In truth though, she finds it hard to be downright mean to others which she can't do intentionally. Instead, she will just try to sound more cold then downright insulting. Frequently running away for apparently no reason. This could be a problem for a would be friends. Guildmates may have a better chance, since she does see them as colleagues. However, everyone needs friends and Alice isn't any different. It probably take a while for her to open to anyone though.


Her Aloof or or cold nature could surely fall wrong with some people. She tries to be friendly and polite about it, but it won't reduce the fact that she doesn't seem interested, even if she does with the best intentions in mind. Evil people could easily exploit her, even by acting as a friend or just right out jerkiness. That or as a straight result of her clumsiness, which can upset someone in the right situation as well.


Now, this would get really complicated. Not only doesn't Alice like to get close to people, she also is a shy person. This will make romance between anyone a little difficult. It probably would take a lot of plotting together to get Alice to open to anyone. They will have to be patient and not push the it no matter what. She can be quite angry about that. Remember that is also afraid to be in a relation, as she believes she will die in a few years and doesn't want to leave anyone behind. Otherwise she opens to anyone of any gender equally.
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Kyoto Shozomak


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PostSubject: Re: Alice's Plotter   Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:47 pm

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Alice's Plotter
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