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 Nolan's Plotter come one come all

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Nolan Marks


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PostSubject: Nolan's Plotter come one come all    Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:31 am

Before you start to read more of this plotter or comment please take the brief time to read what I am wanting from each position and to read my character bio found here.

While I want no forced friendships it is rather easy to be friends with Nolan. Though he is rather crazy and satanic with his life choices he has no problem being charismatic to anybody giving off false personas of kindness. A friend of Nolan would need to only be a person that will not meddle in Nolan’s affairs and is there for pure enjoyment and entertainment. He does not need friends that nag him or hold him back but ones that offer adventure and thrills.
Open Spots

Open to as many that want to be friends

Alright Nolan has a long track record of being an asshole so it is a high chance that he has done something to a character at some point in time that would cause the two to not see eye to eye. Enemies can range from fighting from the moment they lock eyes with each other to just somebody that cannot stand to be in the same room with Nolan. What I really want though is to have a semi deep history between the two which can be done through flashback post and continue that story in the future. Nolan will 99% of the time not be outright rude to a person but will have more of a playful teasing manner since he gets more of a sick joy by aggravating a person then just flat out shouting at them so be ready to have quick whited remarks made about your character and be able to handle a more childish approach to enemies.
Open Spots

Open to as many that want to hate me

Nolan’s sexuality is left in his character app as ??? since Nolan is really not into one or the other sexes but just enjoys the physical act of sex. Most relationships past, present, and future will be based mainly on a physical aspect with emotional and mental being placed below. His lovers will need to have a personality that will match well with his, either a type that can go round for round with his cruel jokes and mannerisms or one that has no qualms about putting Nolan in his place. Limited to only two spots of past lovers, no current present ones unless we have RPed this IC first, also no holding spots for future lovers since who knows where Nolan’s heart will take him. All genders are welcomed as are all ages though those that are below 18 and above 40 will have a less likely of being picked. Also for past lovers lets make our story interesting. Why did we break up? How do we react around each other? Was our love a long lasting one or a short flame?
Open Spots

Family is a different story we can love each other or hate each other, for the most part Nolan will have a more indifferent look towards his family and not pay too much attention to them unless there is something about them that seems to peak his interest. Not known to any outside of his family and select few that will be told in character later on Nolan will hail from the Eastern part of the world, Alvarez. He has kept this a secret since coming to Ishgar and has been here for about three years total. There will be a limit to only two family members, no parents or children, siblings/cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents are fair game though.
Open Spots
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Nolan's Plotter come one come all
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