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PostSubject: Dinn's Plotter   Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:35 pm

Dinn Hiraku| 22 year old male | S-Rank | Fairy Tail Guild

Friends: No PCs yet. Open.
Becoming friends wouldn't necessarily be difficult. He's wide open in his acceptance of people and with his larger public persona comes across friends fairly easily if the other is willing. He can come off as arrogant at first, but he's a fierce ally and protects his friends with his life. He also stands up for his friends if their character is under attack by others in a serious manner. He will however be the first to chastise and impune their honor in jest. Becoming close friends with Dinn would require similar ideals and simple longevity of friendship. Loyal friends are as family to him.

Enemies: No PCs yet. Open.
Despite the public persona Dinn puts on, he enjoys playing the Knight in Shining Armor. He likes to stand up for others and is one of his few motivations for working. Dinn wouldn't necessarily be an enemy of any inherently evil person, but is more likely to as he does value life and will protect others. Those who wantonly take life or torment others would quickly find themselves on this list. Those who threaten his family are also instantly on this list.

Romance: None. Open.
Dinn is open to relationships though he's resistant to taking on anything serious. The more stubborn the prospect, the more interested he would be despite his outward claims that it would be annoying. Someone willing to verbally spar with him would interest him greatly. He would also be interested in someone reliant on his protection as it motivates him and makes him stronger when defending others.
While it is an avenue open to him, they'd most likely need to become a close friend at first to be anything more than casual since he would deflect his emotions and resist anything serious at first.

Rivals: None yet. Open.
Rivals could be easy to come by. Dinn has a bit of an attitude since reaching S-Rank and usually speaks of any adversary as a waste of his time or as a simple bother. He speaks highly of himself and will taunt a defeated foe be them enemy or simply a mouthy upstart being a little too aggressive in a challenge. If they aren't even strong enough to really harm him or aren't aggressive enough to challenge him with anything but words, he will speak down to them and dismiss them. He believes in tough lessons to act as motivations to those weaker as he believes that is how he himself achieved such great power; that and natural ability.
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Dinn's Plotter
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