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PostSubject: Bold's Plotter   Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:01 am

Characters of Interest: Simply put, any being that Bold believes to be a good fit into the Legendary Story that he wishes to experience first hand, one way or another. This character must not be pure of intent such as totally "good" or "evil". However, don't count yourself out just yet. Bold himself doesn't quite believe that anyone is black and white in personality and intent. There is always an in-between that Bold may end up exploiting in order to create his story.

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  • Etc.

Characters of Disinterest: You don't want to be on this list. Bold will actually attempt to "erase" you from the story he wishes to compose if and only if you are a hindrance in anyway. Mostly just "character killers" that kill too early in the story or persons that are "party poopers". However, just because you are not within the "of Interest" list does not mean you will be automatically placed within the "of Disinterest" list. The two lists aren't perfect opposites.

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Others: In general, anyone not categorized into the above lists. There are those "bystanders" that are there for imagery such as the person in a crowd of random people or the waiter in a restaurant. Obviously not every little person ever mentioned, just characters that Bold has met and wishes to think upon in a later date for possible categorization. Whoever Bold meets IC will be put on this list to begin with.

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