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 The Fairy Tail Demon

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PostSubject: The Fairy Tail Demon   Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:18 am

( I am open to threading with anyone who wishes to RP with the FT GM, drop me a line if interested or post here. Thanks Very Happy)


Ashaiya is a cheerful character and most of the people she meets will fall in to this category. She does not play the tough girl when it comes to interacting with people and it is quite easy for them to forget that she is a Guildmaster at all. She tries her utmost to just be one of the group and thinks of the members of her guild as her lifeblood, her family, the guild is her heart and soul. Ashaiya considers any attack on her guild to be an attack on her and she will swiftly come to the aid of any and all members who require her aid and will not hesitate in returning the favour. Her priority is what is right for the guild, which can sometimes cause friction with the law. When speaking one to one with someone, she comes off as kindly and will more often than not, play the motherly role. However, in the case of the more adventurous and free spirited members of society, she will encourage them to be honest with her and will gladly get involved in a war of words if necessary as she does enjoy a good debate and witty banter. She is even known to get involved in spars on occasion, if in the right mood.


The easiest way to become Ashaiya's enemy is to strike at those closest to her, namely her guild and friends or to attack the weak and defenceless. In battle and by using her magic, she becomes more demon than woman and her personality reflects this. She enjoys the thrill of the battle and her fighting style is completely offensive in nature. The longer the battle goes on for, the greater her lust for carnage and it requires all of her self control in order for her to keep in control of herself. She is all too aware of her own strength and knows exactly what she is capable of doing, should she lose herself to the madness. She has the nickname "Fairy Tail Demon" for a reason and should someone cross the line and cause her to unleash her full strength, then they will understand that reason all too well.


Any love interest of Ashaiya would have to understand that their time together would be limited, due to her position and responsibilities. In her heart, she has resigned herself to the fact that she will probably never find "the one". She can be a bit of a flirt when she wants to be and can throw in the occasional dirty remark now and again but it is all for the sake of humour and is rarely serious in nature. Her ideal type of partner? One who understands her humour. Razz
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The Fairy Tail Demon
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