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 The Flame Empress' Plotter

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Xui Mei


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PostSubject: The Flame Empress' Plotter    Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:07 am


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People tend to stay away from Xui Mei due to the mere fact that she acts like a complete bum with no sense of direction in life, which in all honesty is true but those who are around Xui and hold a conversation with will know that there is more than meets the eye. The young woman is what many who actually get to know her as a mother figure. She is one that tends to motivate others to do their best as she hates seeing others down and depressed, she is also one that you can tell anything and she will listen wholeheartedly, whether it be your dreams, your aspirations, your fears she will listen and give her two cents on the matter, even though she doesn’t always give the best advice. All in all Xui Mei is one anyone can count on to do the right thing and would even consider putting her life on line for the one she calls a friend.

Open Indefinitely
If you are searching to pick a fight with Xui Mei, you won't be making her just angered with bitter words and comical insults. Since she is regularly easy going and nonchalant most of the time. I’d say the only way to truly make an enemy out of her is if you harm any of her guild-mates, her friends or her family. Xui Mei of course is a lover of peace as without peace she wouldn’t get to fulfill her dreams of traveling the world so those who trample on the peace and go out their way to make others lives miserable is an instant enemy of Xui Mei and majority of her enemies tend to end up feeling her fiery rage.  

Open Indefinitely
As it is just as easy to become her friend, it could possibly be easy to grab her attention and her heart aswell. But, romance is not without its step into friendship first. But this is an aspect in life that Xui Mei has struggled with as her only serious commitment up to date is sticking around Fairy Tail so her relationships tend to die instantaneously, which is quite depressing as Xui would like to have kids of her own one day, so this will be keep open for anyone willing to be with the wandering dragon.

Open to One Person
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The Flame Empress' Plotter
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