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 Malik's Magic [WIP]

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Malik Roberts

Malik Roberts

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Character Magic : Flame Demon Slayer
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PostSubject: Malik's Magic [WIP]   Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:04 pm

SPELL NAME: Enma no Gekikou (炎魔の激昂 Enma no Gekikou literally meaning "Flame Devil's Rage")
DESCRIPTION: The Flame Devil Slayer's exclusive Rage, which incorporates Malik's respective element. It is the equivalent to a God Slayer's Bellow and a Dragon Slayer's Roar and is similar in initiation. To execute this attack, Malik first inhales for the objective of gathering blue flames within his mouth. When a certain amount of said element is accumulated, he then, exhales which releases a massive torrent of demonic fire that burns all in it's wake. This powerful blast of flames measures up to 3 meters in width and height. It is capable of traveling up to 30 meters.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Duration: 1 Post, Cooldown: 2 Posts


SPELL NAME: Enma no Nenshougoumon (炎魔の燃焼拷問 Enma no Nenshougoumon literally meaning "Flame Devil's Burning Torture")
DESCRIPTION: This is an attack that deals serious spiritual damage to his opponents. Malik grips at any part of his foes' body. He then, ignites their very spirit with demonic blue flames. This causes them excruciating pain as if they are burning in Hell. At the same time, their bodies suffer serious second-degree burns. This attack has no apparent size as it focuses on setting his opponent's spirit ablaze.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Duration: 2 Posts, Cooldown: 4 Posts


SPELL NAME: Devil Force
RANK: n/a
DESCRIPTION: This is the Devil Slayer's counterpart for a Dragon Slayer's Dragon Force. The notable differences are within their appearance during this increase in power. It is an advanced ability shared by many Devil Slayers. By gathering Magic Power around himself, Malik's body ignites with demonic blue flames. While entering Devil Force, his entire physical form gains characteristics and traits that of a demon. This is similar to manipulating his body to a degree without this power. His eyes . It does not just stop there, his appearance further changes, making him look more like a demon. His white sclera becomes black, making his eyes even more menacing as both his irises and pupils glow. Both of his ears become pointed along with his canines turning into sharp fangs. The nails on his fingers become claws which he can use to cut into his opponents. His hair also greatly changes, be styled upwards in a spiky fashion while having one long lock hanging in between his eyes. Both of his hands up to the lower half of his forearms are colored black. From that point, the color divides into flame-like markings covering the rest of his arms. Both sides end with them stretching up to one half of his chest and back, respectively. He also gains slash-like markings on his face to complement his facial features. One originates from each side on his cheeks while curving under both eyes.
DURATION/COOLDOWN: Duration: 3 Posts, Cooldown: Once a Thread
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Malik's Magic [WIP]
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