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PostSubject: Yomi Maruchi   Yomi Maruchi I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2015 9:05 am

Yomi Maruchi

Yomi Maruchi 2kocix

Name: Yomi Maruchi
Nickname: The Lethal Palm
Age: 17
Rank: A
Guild: Fairy Tail
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'6
Weight: 135lbs
Guild Mark:  Gold and on the left side of his neck
General Appearance: He isn't very tall or muscular. His hair is black, style with a spiky bang that hangs over his right eye. The rest of his hair is tied behind his back in a ponytail held together by a white bow.  Yomi wears a long yellow jacket that has white flames patterned lined on the cuffs of his sleeves and other areas. His pants are white while his shoes are black slip on.He has a belt strapped underneath his jacket, which has no significant value or use. Around his arms, stomach, and legs are tape bandages. Beneath the bandages are scars which he hates looking at. He like to keep things constant so he wears this outfit quite a lot. Sometimes he switches it up and wears a black variation of the jacket. Yomi also carries a sword strap horizontally behind his waist.


Alignment: Good

Likes: - Long walks on a beach
- Going on dangerous jobs
- Eatting
- Parties
Dislikes: - Traveling due to his lack of direction
- Scars
- Cold weather
Goals: - World peace!
- Finding his younger sister
Fears: - Being sent to a magical prison for his pranks
- Mimes
- Losing Fairy Tail

General Personality: Yomi is an optimist, when faced with a bad or seemingly hopeless situation he always tries to find a bright side to it. He cares deeply for his guild and the members of the Fairy Tail guild. There almost isn't anything in the world that he wouldn't do or give for his guild. He is a die hard Fairy Tail member that is willing to put his life on the line for any one of his guild mates. Yomi is an open book and usually speaks his mind on any topic. He is still a teenager and  is pretty childish. Petty jokes and pranks is his specialty. His main targets are his guild mates but sometimes he goes into town and cause problems for people. Seeing people frustrated in anger always gets a laugh out of him. He become extremely lazy when it come to tasked to do chores around the guild hall.  


Name: Palm Magic
Element/Type: Caster
Description: A magic that focus its power in the palm of the users hands. It gives the user a tremendous boost in strength when landing strikes with his palms.  The strength of this magic relies on strikes with his palms, rendering punches, kicks, and other physical attacks useless when it comes to using the magic.

Another Character: None
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PostSubject: Re: Yomi Maruchi   Yomi Maruchi I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2015 3:08 pm

A great face claim you have there ^^
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Yomi Maruchi
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