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PostSubject: Luciannna Varimathras [Done]   Luciannna Varimathras [Done] I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2015 3:18 am

Luciannna Varimathras

Luciannna Varimathras [Done] Tumblr_mucu5omuNj1skyh8ko2_1280

Name: Luciannna Varimathras
Nickname: Harbinger of Destruction
Age: 18
Rank: D
Guild: Grimore Heart
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Luci has a fair and smooth complexion, a courtesy of her mother's genes matched with long dark  locks of hair that are often tied up in a loose pigtails with a few lock left dangling down to frame her face. Her eyes have a lovely color of blue mixed with white that are framed by thick eyelashes, something of which many young men have come seeking for her hand in marriage when she was old enough. Her cheeks have a slight rosy color, perfectly matching her thin baby-pink lips as well. She's got a slim and athletic build, her busts being of B-cup and her height being unusually tall for her age.

When it comes to her way of dressing, she's often seen wearing a black pull over  that reaches her thighs with her Guild’s symbol on the top right and on the left sleeve which of course gives away her affiliation rather quickly but she doesn’t care much for that. Under the pull over would be nothing but a black bra with the strings tied expertly in a skull and a black shorts with a white belt and black boots.

Height: 61 inches
Weight: 110 lbs
Guild Mark: Left Shoulder
General Appearance:


Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Destruction

  • Weapons

  • Training


  • Light Guilds

  • Dragon Slayers

  • Being Bored

  • Ex magic council members

  • Losing


  • Improving her magic

  • Getting Stronger


  • Being Weak

General Personality:

Lonely, determinate, vengeful, cruel, manipulative and even justified. All these things could easily sum up Lucianna in a matter of seconds, but to have a true understanding of this young girl one must go far beyond that. Lucianna's loneliness stems from everything and everyone she ever loved vanishing from her life in what seemed like an instant. Her father, mother and sister all dead. Her fiancé vanishing into thin air, leaving behind nothing but questions a few mementos and a broken heart.

Despite this encroaching loneliness threatening to consume her very existence, Lucianna is the kind of person who instead of being consumed by it, uses it as a driving force behind her Determination. Determination to track down the killer of her family, to find out what happened to her fiancé and find out if, heavens forbid; That they're one in the same. If such a thing turned out to be true, like the grand mirror in her family’s home, she would surely shatter to pieces.

Her vengeance is aimed at whatever she can look at to blame for her situation. At the world for being such a cruel and desperate place; At whoever had the gall to strike her only living family down like dogs in the street; At her fiancé for leaving her behind; At herself for not being there to protect the ones she loved or hold on to the man she was dedicated to. As one might guess, because of all this Lucianna feels justified in every move she makes.

Rather it is showing no mercy to a group of d rank mages or perhaps showing an unwillingness to get close to anyone else, afraid that if she does they'll simply vanish from this world and cause her to relive her pain all the more than she already does. Lucianna is truly a mistress of loss and prodigy of vengeance but as all these events in her life has shaped her to be who she is today, she refuses to be a complete slave to her past.


Name: Gun Magic
Element/Type: Holder

As the name suggests, this magic involves the shooting of magic bullets which have the ability to produce various magical effects. This magic works in conjunction with Lucianna’s primary and favorite weapon Fragarach, a weapon that was crafted by her father especially designed for her usage. Her version of Gun Magic grants her the ability to shoot elemental bullets, mortars and missiles as well as projectiles made out of pure mana due to Fragarach resembling more of a cannon than a typical weapon that a gun mage would actually be using.


OOC NAME: Lucianna
Another Character: Xui Mei
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PostSubject: Re: Luciannna Varimathras [Done]   Luciannna Varimathras [Done] I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2015 5:40 pm

A great face claim you have there ^^ Welcome to FTE!
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Luciannna Varimathras [Done]
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