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PostSubject: Ishida Rangoon   Ishida Rangoon I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2015 10:34 pm

Ishida Rangoon

Ishida Rangoon AizenSousuke

Name: Ishida Rangoon
Nickname: "Iron Will" Rangoon
Age: 24
Rank: S
Guild: Grimoire heart
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 186 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Guild Mark: Back. Brown.
General Appearance: Ishida is a tall relatively tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a very strong body and muscular complex, not being to thin nor being fat. Aizen uses white cloths. He wears a white sort of cape and a full white combat suit. When he is just relaxing in town, he usually wears his white combat suit under a black formal suit with black shoes and sometimes even a hat.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

-To protect people.
-To help anyway possible.
-To read.
-To fight.
-Good manners.
-Being interrupted.
-Bad manners.
-Idiot people.

Goals: As one of the last mages able to use magic, he wishes use this opportunity to exterminate each and every mage in the world, starting with those who aren't his allies and then finally destroying his own guild in the future. He thinks the peace will be found when magic disappears completely.
Fears: To lose his magic before ending with all of it in the world as well and not being able to protect people.

General Personality: Ishida is a very peculiar man. He has only one wish, to get the world to have ultimate peace. He is very smart, and many many thing he has noticed go wrong in earthland is because of the mages and because of magic itself. This is why he wishes to exterminate all mages, including those he trusts in, destroy magic, and then even kill himself. He looks for people not to fear magic anymore, and even if it costs his life, he will help them. He isn't actually evil, he has strange beliefs, but he will help any non-mage in the world, he will help any person who actually needs his help. He is just in a evil guild because of the responsibility that it means, he want's to kill, and they aren't allowed to kill. He doesn't respect his guildmates because they represent chaos and evil, and they are the first one Ishida would like to exterminate, but he needs their help first.

Also, Ishida likes woman a lot. He always has trouble fighting them and they may become his fatal flaw, but he can fight this flaw sometimes to do what he most desires. He is very smart, talkative and likes to make friends, though his character doesn't really allow him to, and anyone who knows his plans or actions won't really want to be with him anyway.


Name: Heavenly Body Magic
Element/Type: Caster
Description: Heavenly body magic allows the user to gain properties of any astronomical object in order to enhance himself and perform powerful attacks. This allows him to do things such as releasing light beams of some sort, enhancing his body like a meteor or even creating dark holes for example. This has a highly enhanced melee combat techniques and is powerful in short and mid range while long range can be a bit difficult for the user to fight in.


OOC NAME: Rangoon
Another Character: Nop
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PostSubject: Re: Ishida Rangoon   Ishida Rangoon I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2015 3:07 pm

Woot ~ A really well-made character ^^
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Ishida Rangoon
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