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 I. Regulations

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PostSubject: I. Regulations   Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:34 pm


  • The first and most important rule is to respect everyone. Respect the staff. We worked hard to create this site and continue to work hard to maintain it, and we know it would be nothing without you but please, respect the staff.
  • The Cbox is PG-13. Swearing is allowed, but don't go overboard.
  • Advertising in the CBOX is prohibited, in any form of advertising.
  • Once again, respect. Trolling is not respectful, discrimination is not respectful, and speaking or joking about controversial or heavy subjects is not respectful.
  • If you want to remind a staff to check something, post in the Approval Thread. If within 48 hours and no respond, kindly send a PM to one of us.
  • Please stick with English in the Cbox. We don't want to see another languages in the Cbox.
  • Have fun! This is a character-driven roleplay. All IC actions will affect the future plot and the world of JR entirely. It's an interactive roleplay to increase the fun. Choose your action wisely!


  • You cannot rp on any board before your character application is both finished and approved. Remember! However, when waiting for your techniques, you're allowed to rp in normal thread but no battle thread.
  • Custom races are not allowed yet. In the future, maybe we will allow it. With future updates, we're planning a lot of changes.
  • One account per character; and your username must be your character name or nickname, don't want to see numbers.
  • To begin with, you are allowed to have 2 characters. Your first two characters are "free." To make a third character, your first two must have 20 posts each. To make a fourth, all three previous characters must have 45 posts each. This will prevent inactivity with the characters.
  • You cannot make a new one if you drop a character, we will give a time limit for you. You will be able to create another character in 4 days.
  • Please don't put any numbers or special characters in your occ name/login name.
  • Don't argue about your application if it needs some changes made. Feel free to make your point in a kind manner. The staff will reply in a kind manner, too.
  • You can use Naruto as a faceclaim, but don`t make a Naruto. The personality and history must be different, we don't want to see him using shadow clones and eating Ramen. This isn't Naruto.
  • Deaths are ambiguous. You must get the permission from the character's owner before you kill the character! If you break this rule, your character will be in trouble.
  • No Word Count. But, please reply with appropriate amount according to your friends' post.
  • Since we don't use any stats here other than levels, battling in both player vs player and player vs environment will be solely based on your rp skills and character level. Let's be realistic; a D-rank character can't defeat a S-rank character, so please try to keep this realism. If your levels are too close to the other player and you don't want to surrender easily like that, then you may request a staff to judge the fight and decide for you. We have spells and magic system, but without stats like Strength, Agility, etc.

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I. Regulations
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