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 Xui's Magic

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Xui Mei


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PostSubject: Xui's Magic   Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:05 am

Fire Dragon Magic

SPELL NAME: Fire Dragon's Roar (Karyū no Hōkō)
DESCRIPTION: The user first inhales, gathering fire in their mouth, and then releases such fire in the direction of their opponent, creating a large, exploding fireball which damages and burns the opponent. This spell can be performed two ways: the first, and more "complicated" way involves the user putting their hands before their mouth, in a pose resembling that of a trumpeter, before releasing the fire, prompting it to be expelled between their fingers. The flames produced by this version start out as a very thin stream, enough to be fit between the user's fingers, before suddenly enlarging to 20 meters to strike the opponent. The other simpler, and seemingly faster way, simply has the user quickly gathers flames in their mouth and then releases them, with no seeming stance required, producing a much larger burst of fire. If struck by the fire, opponents will receive second degree burns and each version travels at 35 m/s


SPELL NAME: Fire Dragon's Rampage (Karyū no Dai Abare)
Xui coats her arms and legs in flames, then pivots her body to initiate the attack, and spins. One the pivot occurs, the attack will continue even if the user doesn't complete a full spin. Four torrents of flames burst from her body at 50 m/s, one from each area where the flames were charged. These Torrents spiral around her body, and continue outwards up to 30 meters. Each torrent starts 1 m in length and width, but the torrents spiral around to form a completely radial circle around the user progressively until it reaches it's max length. Growing to be 30 m in length and 3 m wide/thick. Damage wise, it can give third degree burns as well as cause some bits of skin and 1cm of muscle in spots to wither away on the point of impact. Small buildings and trees will begin to crack, and slowly crumple.

SPELL NAME: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade (Guren Bakuenjin)
Exploding Flame Blade is one of Xui's Secret Arts and the most popular and used one in her arsenal. In order to perform this spell, the user starts by gathering large amounts of flame in both of her palms. The generated fire begins to compress itself into two small fireballs, capable of fitting in a normal person's palm. The fireballs are extremely hot, usually releasing a extreme amount of heat from their being. Once the user generates and compresses enough flames, they charge towards the opponent while causing their arms to spin around each other. This causes the two fireballs to merge and be released as a extremely large torrent of flame, heading straight towards the opponent. This torrent of flame is extremely hot, usually incinerating all in it's path. Due to the fact that the torrent is in a spiral formation, the flames release numerous blade of hot wind that cut into the opponent's body, damaging them even further. When this spell explodes, the heat of the explosion is literally capable of melting the surrounding area, making this spell extremely powerful in it's own right. The torment of flame travels at 120 m/s and deals fourth degree burns

SPELL NAME: Crimson Lotus: Heaven Incinerating Fist(Guren Karyuu Ken)

Heaven Incinerating Fist is one of Xui's Secret Arts and the easiest for her to use. In order to perform this spell, the user starts by generating and concentrating a massive amount of flames into their arms, causing them to be glowing a bright crimson. The flames are continuously focused into the user's arms, to the point that the flames are actually incinerating the surrounding area itself. After the user has focused enough flames into their arms, they charge towards the opponent at high speeds. When they reach the opponent, they release a extremely fast barrage of flame-enhanced punches at the enemy. The punches travel at a extremely high speeds, usually at speeds that no normal person can see. Also, every punch delivered to the opponent causes a miniature explosion of flame, burning the opponent horribly. The punches are so powerful that they actually release streams of flame that damage the surrounding area, allowing them to deal even more damage towards the opponent. Each punch travels at 110 m/s, deals fourth degree burns and is capable of breaking down defensive barriers lower and equal to this technique.

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PostSubject: Re: Xui's Magic   Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:32 pm

Very hot, indeed. ^^
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Xui's Magic
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