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Alphine Haaz

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PostSubject: WIP Alphine Haaz   WIP Alphine Haaz I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2015 5:43 am

Alphine Haaz

iWIP Alphine Haaz SZpX8Ke

Name: Alphine Haaz
Nickname: The Reverend
Age: 22
Rank: C
Guild: Grimiore Heart
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'11
Weight: 140lbs
Guild Mark: Left Palm, Purple.
General Appearance: describe here


Alignment: Evil

Likes: Nature, destruction of nature, hypocrisy, cake, power, consumption of food, defeating weaker opponents, gaining more knowledge about the world, travel.

Goals: To become a respected and feared mage and scholar. To become a revered historian of the world and keeper of its knowledge.
Fears: Losing his mind, losing the ability to use his mental processes.

General Personality: describe here


Name: Green Magic
Element/Type: Caster
Description: Green Magic is a non-offensive Magic capable of manipulating nature itself, as well as allowing the user to create and/or rapidly accelerate the growth of plants; this can be done to rather minuscule plants on the ground, or on the user's own body. This Magic can also be used to slow down, and halt, desertification. Alphine has found a way to actually change this magic from its non-offensive form into a form that is wholly offensive, specifically meant to kill and detain opponents opposed to simply helping allies.

Strengths: The user has taken a supportive magic and mostly weaponized it for their own purposes, this allows it to have higher damage potential than your typical green magic user, as well as allows the user to have actual killing potential as well as ensnaring, poisoning, and vicious plants at their disposal.
Weakness: By weaponizing the magic it has lost most if not all of its supportive benefits, they can not make curative or stamina regeneration plants. They also are unable to use defensive spells what-so-ever.


Another Character: Marrow Graves
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WIP Alphine Haaz
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