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 Misty's Magic

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PostSubject: Misty's Magic   Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:11 pm

SPELL NAME: Requip: Black Winged Armor
DESCRIPTION:As its name implies, this armor is black in color, sporting some silver trimming. A distinctive feature of the armor is its pair of wings, which are reminiscent of those of a Dragon or a bat. Around Misty's neck is a neck guard decorated by several gems Her large shoulderpads, each composed of two silver-edged plates one over the other, sport silver crosses on them too, and flank the high collar, whose shape is reminiscent of that of a dress. The silver-edged breastplate reveals a fair amount of Misty’s cleavage and belly, with plates flanking her hips and reaching down to her very large waistguard, composed of very long, silver-edged plates shaped like feathers and decorated by silver crosses. The waistguard leaves the front of Misty’s body exposed, with her groin being covered by a dark indument. The slim gauntlets come equipped with prominent protection for her hands, each sporting silver patterns. The plates guarding her legs are sliver-edged on her thighs and knees, but pitch black dark on her metal greaves. While in this armor she is granted limited flight abilities, being ble to fly 60 meters before dropping to the ground. She flies 20 m/s This armor increases her strength, granting her the strength to lift up to 210 kg.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Until Dispelled/ 3 posts

SPELL NAME: Requip: Black Winged Sword
DESCRIPTION: Misty says the words, "Requip: Black Winged Sword." When the spell is cast a black sword 8 inches wide by 36 inches long, decorated with two small wings on the hilt. Each slash will do B rank damage.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Until Dispelled/ 3 posts

SPELL NAME: Requip: Flight Armor
DESCRIPTION: Misty says the words, "Requip: Flight Armor." When the spell is cast she will change into an armor Featuring very few armored parts, this armor is more like a fancy attire bearing reminiscence to a cheetah. Its breastplate takes the form of a very revealing, armored cheetah-patterned top, with some bare armor protruding from the upper part of it, in correspondence to Misty's breasts, and some fur lining the lower edges. There’s no waistguard, with the armor instead sporting a pair of revealing black shorts, with a belt holding a cloth hanging over Misty's left leg attached to them; the arms are covered by dark armbands reaching up just below Misty's shoulders, with Misty's left arm being protected by cheetah-patterned armor, consisting of a single pauldron and a wide arm guard. Her legs are covered in similar stockings reaching up to her thighs, with armored, asymmetric high-heeled boots over them: yet again, the left leg is the more armored one, with the boot reaching up to the knee, which is protected by a cheetah-patterned knee guard; the right leg, on the other hand, is covered by a boot only reaching up to part of Misty's calf. The outfit is completed by a large collar around Misty's neck and by a tail hanging from the back of her shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah’s ears adorning both sides of Misty’s head. While wearing this armor, her speed will increase to 10 m/s.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Until Dispelled/ 1 post

SPELL NAME: Requip: Steel Sword
DESCRIPTION: Misty says the words, "Requip: Iron Sword." When the spell is cast, an iron sword will appear in her hand. It is 24 inches long and a 5 inches wide. Each attack will do C rank damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Misty's Magic   Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:51 pm

Amazing spells! Great descriptions ^^
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Misty's Magic
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