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 Marrow's Magic

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PostSubject: Marrow's Magic   Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:46 am

SPELL NAME: Sky Devil's Marching Mammoth
DESCRIPTION: The user inhales a great amount of wind into their bodies and concentrates it, spewing out a small orb of vicious wind that will detonate at will, upon doing so it expands up to a full ten meters in diameter raising upwards thirty meters as well. Essentially creating a large tornado that is able to shoot anyone caught in the blast upwards allowing them to take A-rank's worth of blunt damage before being spat out into the air, if the opponent is unable to fly, the fall will do its own damage calculations based on opponent preference. [Uncommon to not take additional damage.]

SPELL NAME: Sky Devil's Rari Workout
DESCRIPTION: Allows the user to inhale air that they then can either infuse into their own body internally or bellow outwards all over a target. The result of either decision allows the user to essentially heal up damage and restore fatigue equal to an A-Rank's worth of damage/fatigue. The air takes on a brighter cyan color than his typical spells and smells of strawberries. The spell itself is able to make some wounds completely vanish, as if they never happened. The person being healed must be at least a meter away for the air to hit them.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Instant/3 [6 w/Allies]

SPELL NAME: Sky Devil's Rapturous Trumpet
DESCRIPTION: The user inhales and fires a large sphere of wind at an opponent that will do B-rank crushing damage if it collides with the target. It fires outwards in a ten meter line and the sphere itself is five by five by five meters. It moves as fast as a C-rank spell however, because of the size of the attack itself. However it is potent enough to not be underestimated, as a scratched would still deliver the full effect of the compressed air sphere.

SPELL NAME: Sky Devil's Hop
DESCRIPTION: Allows the user to leap forward a total of twenty meters instantly, the user is able to land at any point before that depending on how they want to move. This is done by kicking up wind around their ankles and pushing off the ground with the help of the burst of air, this can be used to dodge attacks immediately or to clear large chasms and clearings, the user will always land safely unless where they are landing is in itself hazardous. I.e. lava. Because it allows the user to turn in mid-air, it is essentially a method of dodging as well as a method of travel.

[Spells Increased by Devil Force: Mammoth, Workout, Trumpet]
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PostSubject: Re: Marrow's Magic   Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:50 pm

Great concepts for all spells ^^
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Marrow's Magic
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