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Aergia ξ

Aergia ξ

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PostSubject: Aergia ξ    Aergia ξ   I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 6:11 am


Aergia ξ   O1BLcx5

Name: Aergia ξ
Nickname: "Princess of Enca" "The Goddess"
Age: Twenty-two (22)
Rank: A
Guild: Rogue
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Guild Mark: N/A
General Appearance: Aergia is regarded as beautiful in any sense of the word. Like most women within the land of Fiore and abroad, Aergia has a very curvaceous figure, consisting of large breasts, thick thighs and wide hips. She isn't exactly the most fit mage, as she doesn't train whatsoever, albeit like her family and most elves she was born naturally efficient at magic and so she is still capable of impressive physical feats. Perhaps her most distinct trait is her point ears due to her being a elf, and when compared to her family she stands out due to the fact that they all have varying degrees of dark skin to her almost pale white.

Her outfit is equally unorthodox and revealing since she came from Enca which culture differs vastly from that of Fiore. Her outfit for the most part can be describe to have greek origins though as it consists of strands of white and shares the same revealing format that many of the Greek God's were known to have. The choice of clothing is expected of the royal elf family of Enca as wearing lot of clothing is considered disgraceful in her culture.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Likes: Gambling, money, alcohol, sleeping, relaxing, freedom, star mango gelato, reading
Dislikes: Troublesome affairs, most dairy products (don't sit well with her at all), clothing (too much effort to put on), too much attention, fishy foods, her nobility, responsibility

Goals: Get rich, to become less laid back/lazy, pay off her over 1,000,000 jewels gambling debt
Fears: Being captured.

General Personality: Aergia is best known for her extremely laid back and calm attitude. While everyone is panicking or even happy, she can be seen baring a expression of indifference or stoicism. Said attitude influences her to have a very voidant attitude as she prefers to avoid troublesome matters however possible and believes in words over action and preferring to fade in than stand out.

Unfortunately, the girl is a magnet for trouble. This is mainly her own fault, given that she consistently does things that leads to trouble though. Whether it be the fact that the way she dresses, the fact that she has a love for gambling (and by extension, money) or her love of alcohol. Perhaps what brings trouble her way the most though would be her clones. Overall, she's quite oblivious to how much she's the source of her own annoying affairs. Once annoyed though, she is known to be quite extreme in her approaches so as to ensure search a thing is not a problem ever again.


Name: Clone Magic [Advanced]
Element/Type: Caster
Description: A Magic that allows the user to make copies of themself, each with a personality that embodies a different emotion such as happiness, anger, love, and sadness. They are, however, not dependent of each other as when one is taken down, the others can still keep going.


OOC NAME: 3:16
Another Character: Kryssa Katsaros (Sabertooth Guildmaster)
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PostSubject: Re: Aergia ξ    Aergia ξ   I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 6:30 pm

She's gorgeous! ^^
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Aergia ξ
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