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PostSubject: Marrow Graves   Marrow Graves I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2015 4:10 am


Marrow Graves LmOuEZq

Name: Marrow Graves
Nickname: The Erosion
Age: 19
Rank: A
Guild: Sabertooth
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6'3ft
Weight: 180lbs
Guild Mark: Tongue, White
General Appearance: Tall, Dark, and Loathsome. It is well known that Marrow Graves was one of the few people alive who had always had a special kind of magic imbued within their mind, from a young age, and by having the knowledge of Devil Slayer magic his physical appearance had always been somewhat foreboding. The way that Marrow carries himself is rugged, as he wears clothing that is ripped and dirty, making him appear to be poor despite the fact that his skin and hair are in pristine condition. He wears his signature fur jacket everywhere he goes and he is shown to rock a pair of sunglasses on his head often. He is a man with little to no fashion sense and prefers to wear what he feels comfortable in regardless of how ratty it looks. Surprisingly he doesn't smell bad despite this fact, which is obvious given what he specializes in.


Alignment: chaotic neutral

Likes: Reading, fighting, laying about, saving lives, harming criminals, showing off, doing missions.
Dislikes: Prudes, white knights, whiny persons, murderers, know-it-alls, rude people, uppity people.

Goals: To secure Sabertooth as the strongest Guild in the whole of Earthland.
Fears: To encounter the one who is considered the most dangerous mage alive.

General Personality:
Marrow is effectively considered a two-sided coin or a double edged sword. His reflective nature is merely the first edge of the sword, the heads on the coin. Marrow has always been a rather observant person. He has spent the better part of his life actively watching and paying attention to the subtleties of the people around him, watching enemy patterns and understanding human nature. It isn't to say that he knows everyone and what they stand for, he just spends more time noticing the little aspects of people which has allowed the man to gain the advantage of being able to know when a bad liar is lying to him, or when someone is hiding something from him.

The other edge of said sword, the tails of the coin, manages to be the sadistic nature that he does not bother to mask in any way. His sadistic nature isn't true sadism because he isn't a sadist towards everyone he encounters. The extent of this nature seems to stem from the fact that he solves most if not all situations with non-lethal methods of torture. He takes delight in punishing the wicked, and feels as though his higher calling is to punish those who he views in this manner. Evil is both subjective and perspective based, and he knows this. He just sets himself as the objective moral standard.

Despite this, he is rather lazy and spends his time not wanting to do much work despite enjoying the work once he gets there. He isn't the kind of person to turn down a good time under normal circumstances and has a good sense of humor despite the fact that he isn't a talkative person. He may come off as arrogant or selfish due to his inability to want to help others, but will when he feels he has to. He is essentially a good person with a hard shell wrapped around him, though it is the experiences of his past that had made him this way. No matter how the stick is shaken he is a calm and calculated person who finds himself striving for power without obsessing over it.


Name: Sky Devil Slayer Magic
Element/Type: Wind / Lost Magic
Description: Like its counter-parts, Sky Devil/Demon Slaying Magic is capable of great feats of healing and curing, said to be strong enough to reverse the curse of a demon or to outright heal wounds thought unhealable. It is considered to be one of the greater healing magics in the known world although with the wrong wielder it could also be considered extremely dangerous considering its destructive potential. The air that is produced by the slayer takes on a light cyan color.

Strengths: The user has access to healing, buffs, offensive magic that they can access with little to no actual stress on themselves due to be constantly surrounded by oxygen naturally. As a devil slayer, they are able to unleash stronger forms of wind magic than their god or dragon slayer counterparts, allowing the user to both heal themselves and heal internal fatigue that has happened prior. Unlike it's counterparts.

Weaknesses: The user has to have a source of clean air in order to use their abilities, meaning they must prep an area beforehand or run the risk of not having access to their abilities at all. If there is no air source at all the user will pass out until they are moved to an area with oxygen. Due to being stronger in use in terms of what it can do, it seems to lack the ability to allow the caster to create defensive structures, as well as debuff enemies using the ability. Furthermore, healing others doubles the user's cooldowns, opposed to healing themselves. Making the magic more selfish in nature.


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PostSubject: Re: Marrow Graves   Marrow Graves I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2015 6:24 pm

You're an official Sky Devil Slayer. ^^
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Marrow Graves
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