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 Alexander Vaan {Complete}

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Alexander Vaan

Alexander Vaan

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Character Magic : Lightning Demon Slayer
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PostSubject: Alexander Vaan {Complete}   Alexander Vaan {Complete} I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2015 8:36 am

Alexander Vaan

Alexander Vaan {Complete} NIJSV12

Name: Alexander Vaan
Nickname: The White Fist
Age: 22
Rank: S
Guild: SaberTooth
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200lbs
Guild Mark: Back of right hand/white
General Appearance: Alexander is a tall and muscled, tight and compact, tanned young man, with medium black hair usually covering one of his eyes. He has a few outfits including his Black and red suit, a yellow hoodie with cargo shorts, or his mission suit which consist of orange and white. With these outfits, his most common one is his suit.


Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Fighting

  • Friends

  • Challenges


  • Dark Guild members

  • Cheaters

  • Those who attack the weak.


  • To become the best mage in Sabertooth, next to the GM.

  • To fight as many of the strongest Mages he can.


  • Losing guild members to death.(outside of old age)

General Personality: Alexander is a very outgoing person, looking to meet and greet ALMOST every single person he can find. He is a very approachable person, always assuming the best in a person outright and even tries to help those who might be on the fence to the side of good. With that said he can sometimes be itchy for a fight, and find someone who would be a good challenge or above his power. Even with fights, he still tries to become their friend afterwords.
When it comes to the guild, he becomes slightly different in a sense that he is extremely loyal and very order-oriented, following them strictly. He also is a bit protective of the younger members, wishing to keep them safe.
When it comes to those of a particular group, those who do evil for fun or pleasure, he tends to lose any kindness in his attitude and body motions. He tends to be more like a beast than a person when dealing with these people and would much rather outright kill them than to help them. He sees them as people who have gone past the point of redemption.


Name: Lightning Demon Slayer
Element/Type: Lost/ Lightning
Description: Slayer Magic is a lost ancient magic used first to kill dragons, and later progressed on to take on both Gods and Demons. Its main focuses are to deal with a certain elemental variations of enemies, i.e fire, water, earth, and to make their opponents magic completely ineffective by absorbing(eating) the magic nullifying it and using it to the Slayer's advantage.
After the ending of magic, Slayer magic was force to resort to the using of Lacrima, making every known Slayer Magic user a 2nd Generation. This leaves no 1st or 3rd Generations left.
The Strengths of the Lightning Demon slayer in particular is its ability to eat every type of Lightning magic, mixed or not. This includes both Dragon and God Slayers of its type. Its also surprisingly effective against Water magic, due to element conductivity. On the other hand, its somewhat ineffective to both Earth and Metal magics due to their ability to either ground the lightning or lead it to a grounding state.


OOC NAME: Alexander Vaan
Another Character: Kosovo Misogi
Where do you find our ads: FairyTail Evolution RP
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Character Rank : Z-Rank
Character Magic : Mass Manipulation
Guild : The Sorcerer Magazine
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Vaan {Complete}   Alexander Vaan {Complete} I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 6:38 pm

You're an official Lightning Devil Slayer. ^^ I suggest you reply with 100x100 icon in the canon position for claim updates.
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Alexander Vaan {Complete}
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