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 IV. Rank & Jewels

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PostSubject: IV. Rank & Jewels   IV. Rank & Jewels I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2015 5:31 pm


Jewels is used to buy Items, Spells, Rank Ups, and etc. If you want to gain Jewels, you may complete staff-made missions or custom missions in order to receive the right amount of jewels. Some events may award you with further jewels. Posting gives you small amount of jewels and several locations gives higher amount of jewels. So, let's keep this in mind that Jewels = Your Soul.


You are a beginner and have no proficiency in your magic. You are more of a hazard to yourself than others if trying to wield things like a sword, bow, or spell. When it comes to general stats you are like a normal child, meaning weak and inexperienced.

At this level, you are essentially at the very start of your journey as a mage. You are only coming to grips with your magic, so you don't have a great mastery over it. Your attacks don't do much damage, but keep on working at it, and you're sure to become strong.

You can now be considered a novice fighter. You've managed to control your magic a lot better, and your attacks can deal more damage. However, you still have a long way to go.

Even though it's only a single rank higher, you've come a long way from being a C-Rank mage. For many, B-Rank is the limit. You've more or less become adept with your magi. Anyone who thinks they can push you around easily has another thing coming to them. However, you've yet to reach Legendary level.

Congratulations, you've finally reached the big leagues. You've probably performed some big feats, and your name is likely well known throughout the country. However, there is still more for you to achieve. Continue to work hard and that elusive title of S-Rank mage will soon be yours. You'll have to work at it though. By now, you'll have realized that things aren't simply given to you.

You are now recognized all throughout the lands and countries, your name being a household name. In our real world standards, you could be compared to the biggest Hollywood Hall of Fame holder, and many aspiring mages look up to you. Depending on the path you have led, people will cheer with admiration or shudder in fear when your name is mentioned. It wouldn't be surprising if you were in a Legendary level.

LOCKED. These are the guild masters' and important NPCs' rank. They are worshiped as the god of magics even the Magic Council doesn't want to mess with them. One punch from a Z-rank can destroy a town and you can't imagine what happen if they use their full power. Kings try to keep everything peace between them.
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IV. Rank & Jewels
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