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Axel Rover

Axel Rover [WIP] 325a52272de4d21850eccd216e179488

Name: Axel Rover
Nickname: when you become famous, for example: "Straw Hat" Luffy or "The Salamander" Natsu Dragneel
Age: 18
Rank: C
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 155 lbs
Guild Mark: On the right breast
General Appearance:
Axel’s hair is short and dark red, various streaks of it coming down in groups all around his head, kind of like a bowl cut except too wild to be kept in such a form. His hair grows at an incredibly fast rate comparable to that of a girl’s, yet Axel likes to keep it short so he won’t be confused with a girl.

Axel’s eyes are light golden with black pupils. He likes this because light gold is a rare eye color, and he liked being different.

Axel’s lips compliment his hair, being a natural dark red, no makeup on whatsoever. It is for this reason that upon taking notice to the some people may be refer to him as girly, which he doesn’t like very much. Though he take pride in the fact that his lips are different than most people’s are.

Axel’s skin tone is light and his skin enough is very smooth, a little too smooth some would say. Rubbing your hand against his face you would think he used to be a girl or something, but you would be wrong of course. Also Axel covers a lot of scars that could be found on his torso with his many layers of clothing.

Axel’s body is much more fit than it seems, since he covers up and generally is seen to be skinny. Underneath his multiple layers of clothing however is a small but apparent six-pack as well as fairly-grown muscles. His legs are quite thin but their muscles are well enough for him to pack some good kicks. He works out daily to keep this athletic body maintained and well.

As far as other features go, Axel’s chin is very sharp and his ears are very small, as well as his nose. His forehead is average size.

Now, onto his choice of clothing. Axel usually dresses like a business man would to work. He wears a collared white shirt that is buttoned up to his upper chest, and a black suit over that, shirt and pants. He also usually has on a black belt, black dress socks and black dress shoes to compliment the outfit.

If he isn’t wearing that for whatever reasons, Axel wears a light green turtle neck with beige khaki pants and black converse shoes. In special cases when it benefits him and any allies however, Axel will wear whatever is neccessary, since a lot of missions have ninja wearing disguises. He is totally ok with it.


Alignment: Neutral



General Personality:
Axel overall is a laid back teenager who can stay calm and collected when he needs to be. Being a mage, he knows the dangers of being too friendly with other people, even your allies, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put on the facade and be ready mentally. Of course it isn’t always a facade, because Axel is a very friendly person, but when it comes to people he has just met or some that just don’t get along with him well, he fakes it, not wanting to start a conflict since it is always a bad thing to get into it with another person when there is no reason to. This means that Axel is also a very logical person, and won’t do something just because it is fun. No matter how much he likes fighting or being correct, he will hold back to avoid unnecessary scenes.

The mage can also show other emotions besides being nice all of the time if they are strong enough. Like most people, he will get angry sometimes, his anger occuring in a short burst, but most of the time it will be too short for him to foolishly act on it. He can control his rage quite well, since it was a thing he has been working on since being a child. Also, while the boy isn’t sensitive, it will be clear when he is sad, but he won’t be overly whining about it, causing most people around him to show compassion. He has been seen to do this with enemies to lower their guard down and go for the K.O, or kill, as he doesn’t mind killing a person if it is needed. Axel doesn’t let cockiness or arrogance make up his exterior, as those traits are what get mages killed. His strongest trait might just be curiosity, and because of this he is an adventurer at heart, always wanting to explore Fiore whenever he is not doing jobs or anything like that.

Hormones have effected Axel just like every other male. He tries not to show it all the time, but the chunin can be quite the flirting type, always trying to pick up a girl when he is bored. His looks help him quite a bit as well. He can be the romantic type when he wants to, but mainly he just looks for any girl who can keep him busy. Not in the sexual way, since he is not that kind of a dog, but just someone to talk to and go on dates with. The same woman might bore him sometimes, so he is not faithful in anyway, but his personality towards a woman would cushion the blow he lands on them when he requests that they don’t take steady.

During battle, Axel will try to adapt however he needs to. If he is fighting a single person he won’t rely on tactic as much unless they are stronger than him by a lot, and if he is fighting multiple enemies at once by himself he will go into tactical mode, using whatever is around him to try and stop the large force. When fighting in a team, Axel does his best to listen to the leader, or if he is the leader he will try his best to guide his allies, thinking about their best individual traits so he can put them in what position is best for them. Also, Axel tries not to let his rage control him during battle, because that has gotten many people killed due to them being blinded so much by it. Instead he stays as calm as he can.


Element/Type: Caster/Holder/Lost
Description: Mention strengths and weaknesses


OOC NAME: Axel Rover
Another Character: N/A
Where do you find our ads: Shinobi World War RP
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Axel Rover [WIP]
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