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 Brandish's Magic

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PostSubject: Brandish's Magic   Brandish's Magic I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 3:51 pm

Take a look, since Brandish has an item, she can have 3 spells only since you start with 4 abilities/spells. Also, she can only have 2 Z-rank spell, 1 S-rank spell, and 1 A-rank spell according to the rules.

SPELL NAME: Random Mass
RANK: Z-rank
DESCRIPTION: Brandish picks a pebble from the ground and throws the pebble towards the enemy while changing the mass of the pebble, the pebble has the radius of 1m after the mass manipulation. The pebbles are capable of reaching the range of 10m, dealing Z-rank blunt damage.
DURATION/COOLDOWN: Instant/2 posts

SPELL NAME: Brandish Smash
RANK: S-rank
DESCRIPTION: Brandish changes her mass and make herself a giant, her punches and kicks can deal A-rank blunt damage. Her fist can reach up to the range of 20m and if no resistance, capable of knocking the opponent back up to the range of 25m.
DURATION/COOLDOWN: 3 posts/3 posts

SPELL NAME: Brandish Hide and Seek
RANK: A-rank
DESCRIPTION: Brandish picks a leaf or a flower, changing the mass up to the width of 10m. The leaf blocks any vision of Brandish and her opponents, acting as a defense or a distraction against incoming attacks. This leaf or flower is capable of blocking 50% of S-rank spell, one A-rank spell, and two B-rank spell.
DURATION/COOLDOWN: 2 posts/4 posts

ITEM: Mass Sword
RANK: Z-rank
DESCRIPTION: A sword with the length of 1m and the width of 6cm, this sword deals Z-rank cutting damages if it hit the opponent. However, this sword allows Brandish to use her mass manipulation to change the sword size to the length of 40m but keep the same width.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 2 posts/5 posts
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Brandish's Magic
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