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 What a Life [Open]

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Aergia ξ

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What a Life [Open] Empty
PostSubject: What a Life [Open]   What a Life [Open] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 6:23 am

"If only mother could see me now."

A phrase that Aergia found herself thinking all too often whenever she did something she knew her mother wouldn't condole. Every time she had a beer. Every time she ate with her fingers. Every time she drank straight from a bottle. Not entirely intentionally, since for all the woman's annoying teachings on proper etiquette, she was still her mother. But going against the woman however she could, even if she didn't know she was doing so, was a added bonus to all the fun she had been having since arriving in Fiore.

And as the elf Goddess arrived in Hargeon, panting heavily at that, she couldn't help think that this was karma. She had just managed to make into one of the entrances before she crumbled to her knees. Her feet felt soar from the walk to the town. She was accustomed to it since for the last year or so she had been bouncing from town to town. But the heat had gotten to her and it was the start of the month, which meant that she was broke.

Every new month she found herself dead broke. It was just the motions since her money management skills was always terrible. Her clothing really didn't give offer much storage for it and she consistently owed people. So really and truly, she was broke most times honestly. Alas, at the start of the new month she always seemed to be at her worst. That wasn't on her, she believed. It was just the gods being cruel. A frown crossed her lips at the thought.

She pushed the thought aside and allowed herself to crumble to the ground in defeat of her fatigue. Rolling onto her back to catch her breath, she still thought if my mother could see me now, albeit with more so annoyance than pride this time. Probably not the best idea to lay down at the entrance of Hargeon like she was, but her level of concern for what was "wrong or right" was always rather low. Her clothing made her stood out anyway, so laying down in the street really wouldn't make much a additional difference.

The sun beat down on her face, burning her exposed skin. The concrete was hot beneath her back, legs and bum. Ten minutes, she thought dosing off into a much needed nap.
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What a Life [Open]
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