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 Summoning System

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Nolan Marks


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PostSubject: Summoning System    Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:18 pm

So I’ve always been a fan of summoning base magic in Fairy Tail or any manga/show/game/etc. So I thought maybe I’d give a shot of making a system for summoning since it can often be made super unbalanced and not known to give those summoning magic that are more advance or rare better aspects. What I’ve created is a super rough draft and I know some of it might be over complicated by I’d love the feedback from the staff and other members.

There are three types of summoning magic out there, normal summoning, celestial summoning, and living summoning. Each summoning is different than the next and have different pros and cons based on their rarity, living magic being considered a legendary magic used by Zeref is obviously going to have more powerful aspects and traits to it than that of a normal summoning magic. Below I break down each of the three types and go slightly over the sub-branches found in that of Celestial Summoning of gold and silver keys. I’ll also go over the stat system that I’ve kind of made up based on what I’ve seen the summoning creatures in the FT universe seem to play off of.

Normal Summoning: This magic would fall under the category of NORMAL magic and as such the mages that use this magic follow the rules and skills of normal magic. Their summoning are given no real boost or special abilities. These summoning creatures normally follow a certain theme and are able to utilize NORMAL magic that goes along with said such theme. For example a mage that specializes in summoning creatures that are golem in nature will have mainly creatures with magic and skills that are based in earth or nature magics. The only major pro to having normal summoning magic is that a mage is not put on as much of a tax that the more advance versions seem to do. They will be able to have up to six summons out at once though only two of their own rank, the other four must be at least that of a rank lower than theirs. Normal summoned beast are subject to receiving passive stats of their rank though summoning that are B rank and below are subject to reducing one of their passive stats by 100% and A rank and above will reduce two of their stats by 100% or one stat by 200%.
+ Allowed to use NORMAL classed magic
+ Less taxing than other summoning magic allowing for more summonings

- B rank and below summoning will be forced to have a single stat dropped by 100%
- A rank and above summoning will be forced to have two stats dropped by 100% or a single stat dropped by 200%
- A summoning must remain within ½ the range of that spell’s rank
- Limited to 2 meters in size

Celestial Spirit MagicCelestial Spirit Magic is a rather rare and powerful magic classified as [GREAT]. As such silver and gold keys are allowed to utilize magic that is ranked as GREAT, though some gold keys will have exceptions for higher ranked magic so that they follow the theme of their cannon version. Celestial spirit magic is based off of two types, gold keys and silver keys. There is a limit of 12 gold keys that hold powerful creatures that are vastly superior to the normal summon creatures. Gold keys will be given certain strengths that silver keys may not possess. While Star Dress has been shown in the manga as the ability to incorporate the gold key’s ability into the mage I think that this should be disregarded in the site until more information on its abilities are given.

Celestial Spirit Gold Zodiac Keys: Gold keys are that of the legendary twelve zodiac creatures. These beings all hold power far greater than any normal summoning and have powers naturally instilled in them allowing each of them to have a single unique skill or ability that does not require one of the summoning mage’s spell slots. Gold keys will be given a single stat increased by 100% and another increased by 50%. With such great power will come the downfall of being forced to have one of their stats reduced by 100%.
+ One stat is boosted by 100%
+ One stat is boosted by 50%
+ Comes with unique ability/skill/spell that does not take up a spell slot
+ Can use GREAT magic type
-Requires a stat to have a decrease of 100%
-Limited to only two Gold keys active at a time
-Summoning are limited to be as far away from their master as the range of a spell of their rank.
-Limited three gold keys per mage, none can be duplicated
-Cost double the normal amount of a spell to purchase a gold key
-Limited to 3 meters in size

Celestial Spirit Silver Key: Allows Silver Keys to have one stat doubled while another stat must by reduced by 100%. The pro to having a silver key summoning is that they can have up to four of these summoned before they reach their limit. Silver keys cannot exceed B rank by nature. Unlike the gold keys they will not automatically come with a spell and are limited to magic that are considered NORMAL and below. All silver keys must be somehow based on real celestial constellations, not ones that are made up.
+ A single stat is increased by 100%
+ Four may be summoned at a time
+ Can use NORMAL magic
-Can only be ½ the range of their spell away from their master
-Limited to B rank and below
- Cost 1.5x the normal amount of a spell to buy a silver key
- One stat must be dropped by 100%
- Limited to 2 meters in size

Living Magic: A powerful magic that is considered LEGENDARY and as such as power that some cannot even fathom. The magic allows the person to create beast and demons that are not natural in this world and as such are much more powerful than any other summoning based magic. They will be allowed to use LEGENDARY magic and below though certain magic like slayers will not be allowed. They will have two stats doubled in raw power while only have a single stat lowered by 100%. The last benefit of these summoning is that they are not limited by size restraints, these summoning can be as large as their rank AoE spell size (may need to change base on AoE ruling) Though summoning that are larger than 3 meters will automatically have a 100% drop in their speed stat plus whichever other stat the creator to the spell selects to be weakened by the other 100%. These summoning though will have a heavy tax on their master only allowing for a single summoning to be out that is considered A rank or above and up to two others that are B rank and below at a single time, any more would put too heavy of a burden on the mage.
+ Gain two stats increased by 100% or one stat increased by 200%
+ Allowed to use LEGENDARY magic
+ Can be any size up to their ranks’ AoE rate
- Can only have a single A rank or greater summoning out at a time
- Can only have two B rank or lower summoning creatures out at a time
- Must have one of their stats lowered by 100%
- Larger summoning, 3 meters or larger, automatically have their speed reduced by 100%

The four stats are as followed:

  • Strength: Basic stat that allows for physical damage that the summoning can deal, equal to the summon creature’s rank. Most summoning will take the form of melee based beast but those that are range, such as Sagittarius, will be limited on the amount of ammo they may use once summoned and the speed of the attack will be based on the creatures speed trait. A summoning’s strength cannot exceed that of a Z rank attack.
  • Speed: Speed is a basic passive trait that allows for movement of the summoning. Those summoning that can fly or swim will move on land at 100% their rank’s passive speed while flying/swim at the rank below theirs’ passive amount.
  • Durability: Determines the amount of damage the summoning can withstand before they are forcibly dismissed. Normal durability is that of your spell’s rank. Increasing durability by 100% will allow that summoning to withstand a spell of a rank above theirs’ before being destroyed while 50% increase will allow for them to withstand 1 of their rank and 1 below before being destroyed, same concept when lowering this stat 100% makes them be destroyed by a spell 1 below their own rank and 50% allows them to withstand 1 spell below their rank and 1 spell that is two ranks below that summoning.
  • Magical Essence: This is the stat that determines how long a summoning will be able to last in this realm before being forced back to theirs regardless of the amount of damage they take. It also determines the amount that the summoning must stay in their realm before being healed enough to remerge. Having a higher essence means that a summoning can last longer and return quicker. Since essence is not a stat that is already in placed for normal spells it will be broken down like so:

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PostSubject: Re: Summoning System    Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:45 am

My only thing is it restricts higher class mages and summonings are like spells "stats" are based on Rank and the way you have it defeats the purpose of having magic ranks. A Z-Rank Mage and an B-Rank Mage would have completely different normal summonings. Also size limits should be based on rank as well, rather than being restricted to "Normal Summonings" restrictions. Plus people utilize their summonings different so I think any restrictions that limit your summoning based on classification rather than your own ranks wouldn't work well.

Just my 7 cents
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Summoning System
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