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 Some basic site questions

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Nolan Marks


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PostSubject: Some basic site questions   Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:00 pm

Okay so here are a few questions that I've accumulated over the past week or so that I'd enjoy answered ^_^

Note: Sorry there are so many, my mind goes twenty miles a minute sometimes.

1) How many spells can you use in a topic or do you have an unlimited supply of magic and can constantly use whatever spell you wish to as long as said spells are not on cooldown?

2) How does secondary magic work? Really all I see is this on it:
Brandish wrote:

SECONDARY: You may not start with a secondary magic. To have a secondary magic, you must pay double the amount of buying a new spell. So, if you want a C-rank secondary magic, you must pay double the amount of buying C-rank spell. (If you bought a secondary magic, you start with 2 spells)

Now from what I see there it seems that the spells cost double the normal price for a secondary and mentions purchasing a secondary but does not ever say how that works.

a. Do I just pay the 10,000 jewels to reroll the magic dice to see the tier of the magic and it automatically is bought that way?
b. If rolling the dice to see the tier of magic is true can it exceed my current primary magic? If not can I replace the higher tier magic as my primary magic and essentially forget that magic or demote it to my secondary?
c. Are secondary magic spells limited to any certain rank or quantity?
d. For instance I already have a slayer magic, though I know I currently do not, could I get a secondary slayer magic as my secondary magic? Even opposing elements?
e. How does magic like Celestial Summoning work with Gold Keys?
1. Would a mage that chose that magic be limited to a certain amount of gold keys like 3 or 4?
2. Would they be limited to a single or dual summoning since it has been shown to be a stressful magic to maintain?

f. Could my secondary and primary magic somehow intertwine with a combo spell that would be able to have aspects of my two magic though come at a higher price? Maybe actual price to purchase, double the cooldown if not only a once a post spell, limited to S rank or above spells, maybe have one of its aspects reduced (speed, size, distance, strength), require a post charge/chant, leave caster vulnerable the following post, or something that is a mixture of the previously listed/something completely different.

3) Items are fair game here right? What is the extent of an item’s capabilities?

a. Are they limited to weapons only or can there be items for everyday use or defensive purposes?
b. Are range weapons allowed like a bow and arrow, guns, throwing knives, etc… If so how would they function? Would you give them a limited amount of ammo that deals at rank damage, moves at rank speed, and has a fixed amount like 6 shots?
c. Can items be things such as armors and shields? If so would they be given a greater durability aspect since they cannot deal damage?
d. Can items be something that allows for passive boost to occur based on the rank of the item? Like a natural speed, strength, healing aspect?
e. Do items naturally regenerate at the start of every thread to brand new?
f. Can items work in tandem with our magic? Like we have certain spells that we use on the item to set up a combo attack of sorts?

4) Can we change our person's appearance? If so is there a limit and how does one go about doing it?

5) The next set of questions will stem mainly from the guild systems and player’s ability to impact the story of the site.

a. What is the limit a guild or player can actually do in the grand scheme of the site? For instance my character tries to overthrow the current government will random NPCs be created just to halt me or will you the staff allow the community to try to solve the problem and even if they cannot let the story go in that path?
1. Like if I have a plot that is well thought out and submit it to the staff do you think that they will allow such things? For instance I currently have planned for Nolan to possibly be an ex-member of the Alvarez Empire, not a Spriggon but maybe one of their branch members that could possible reform the Spriggon once he gains enough power and powerful allies. Would that be stepping on too many toes of the staff’s plot ideas?
b. Can we as a guild come together and forge a plot that we think would be good for the advancement of our guild and possible the site and bring it up with the mods to possibly have it go down. An example of what I'm trying to say is what if Grimoire Heart all came together OCC and IC and decided that we wanted to make a move since the Magic Council is weakened and try to assert our authority on a region of the site.
1. Like an idea of a guild being able to do events and function without the staff throwing in wrenches or telling us we cannot do something? I understand certain things probably cannot be done since it is so early in the site and not very fair if a guild that has three or four active members decides to attack and wipe out another guild that has only one or two.
c. What is the history of each of the current guilds? Is this following the history of the manga? If so do people like Natsu and all them run around the world or were all mages that we would know in the FT universe save maybe a few wiped out? Do the guilds still follow the same values as their manga/show counterparts?
1. Like is Grimorie Heart the only member of the Ballam Alliance? Are we seen as a Dark Guild or are we just a more neutrally evil guild?
2. Is it possible to start your own guild? If so how? Again I understand that it is a new site so starting a guild when the others already made are low on members is kinda dumb but just wanted to know for future plots/ ideas.
3. If the spot for a guild master opens up or said guild’s master is not active how does one go about becoming it? Or will an NPC be put in place until a new Z rank character is created? Do you need to obtain Z rank before attempting to go after the spot?
d. How does death work? I’ve seen in the spell rules it mentions that certain spells auto kill a person or at least whittle away their life. If I die is there a possibility of coming back to life or do I have to start all over and reroll for my rank and magic?

6) These questions mainly are based around the world that we are RPing in at the moment since the prologue is kind of vague.
a. So were most the towns destroyed in the activation of face?
b. Is the Magic Council even a thing or is it completely gone minus Bold and his mission to gather members?
1. Can new members join the guild automatically?
2. Could a dark mage somehow pose as a member of the council similar to the manga and act as a spy of sorts or would they need to leave their guild and join the council?
3. If the Council is still a thing do they just have a very weak control of the country? If that is the case would it be safe to say that there are large pockets of the country where dark guilds are not really persecuted or even welcomed?
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PostSubject: Re: Some basic site questions   Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:10 am

Ok I will start on the answers for these questions as I am using common sense for a majority of these. I think you were trying to dig a little deeper than actually seeing the answer right before you.

As long as a spell isn't on cooldown or has restrictions on the number of times it can be used in a thread, you may use it as much as you like. I personally would start to RP some type of fatique taking effect after a fight has went on for awhile.

Seconday magic is self explantory. IF you wanted to add water magic as your secondary magic depending on the rank level would determine the price you'd pay and you'd now have access to water magic spells.

You pick a magic that is within your current magic rank.

You have 15 spell slots total, its safe to say you can decide how many of which magic you want more of. Secondary magic is limited to your rank.

Keys are your spell slots. If you had 10 Keys, means you would only have 5 spell slots remaining. And to give a summoning a spell requires 1 spell slot also.

The summoning amount will be approved/unapproved based on rank. Stronger summons, you summon less of, weaker summonings more of.

Combo spells are fine, but you'd pay secondary spell prices to create the spell. The stats would be based on the rank of the spell.

To be continued..
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Some basic site questions
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