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 Kyoto Shozomak (Done)

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Kyoto Shozomak


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PostSubject: Kyoto Shozomak (Done)   Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:39 am

SPELL NAME: Magic Fan: 7 Deadly Sins
RANK: Z-Rank
DESCRIPTION: A Magical fan that is very powerful which can transform into 7 different forms. In it's base form it is able create a strong wind blast. The fan is about 1.5m in length and 5m in width, it deals Z-Rank Blunt damage when used while its flat, and Z-Rank cutting damage when using the edges.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Until put away/ 5 posts

SPELL NAME: Wind Blast
RANK: S-Rank
DESCRIPTION: Kyoto is able to emit a wind blast with his Magical fan. The wind blast does S-Rank Wind Damage. It has a knockback of 25m, and can cover 35m in distance/aoe
DURATION/COOLDOWN Instant / 2 posts

RANK: A-Rank
DESCRIPTION: Lust is a form of the Magic Fan: 7 Deadly Sins. The only thing that changes with the fan is the color, it becomes a blood red color. Kyoto is able to give himself a buff to increase his battle prowness. Can jump 32m, Can fly 34m/s, Can run up to 35m/s, Can lift 280kg.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 5 Posts / 10 Posts

RANK: Z-Rank
DESCRIPTION: Pride is a form of the Magic Fan: 7 Deadly Sins. In this form the Magic Fan turns yellow and in this form the Fan creates a shield around Kyoto. One spell of same rank, and two spell of lower ranks.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Until broken / 10 posts
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Kyoto Shozomak (Done)
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