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 gas magic done

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Johann Argon


Posts : 18
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PostSubject: gas magic done   Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:38 am

SPELL NAME: N2O jet burner
DESCRIPTION: A high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide shot out of the pores of the caster's hand, the gas often colloquially referred to as 'laughing gas'. The jet on it's own is rather harmless, were it not for the fact it is easily ignited into a searing lance of flame concentrated enough to melt through metal, though the flame can only be kept up for so long before runoff heat makes it impossible to maintain the jet without the caster suffering burns. The heat lance can be extended to a range of up to thirty meters before dissipating, though casting the spell at such intensity is sure to quickly overheat the caster's hand.
DURATION/COOLDOWN Duration up to 3 turns, cooldown= duration+2

SPELL NAME: C3H8 explosion
DESCRIPTION:   An unsubtle strategy compared to the use of poisoneous gases, propane gas is a volatile gas that violently explodes when ignited. The gas is expelled most often from the caster's mouth and can cover an area of up to 25M. It does not have any sort of color to it, though the gas smells distinctly like processed petroleum. More often than not, the user will ideally ignite the gas cloud as soon as possible to prevent wind and the like throwing off their aim.
DURATION/COOLDOWN  Instant / 4 turns

DESCRIPTION: A fog of bromine gas exhaled from multiple orifices of the user. The gas can drift as far as 35M from the user before it becomes too disappated to be dangerous. Bromine gas has a smell not unlike diluted chlorine. Within about fifteen seconds of first inhaling the gas, victims will suffer debilitating burns to the throat and lungs, with all the associated difficulty in breathing. after another fifteen seconds, the burns will have worsened to the point of roughly hlaving the physical capabilities of victims. breathing system may be cleared of the offending gas if a victim manages to get out of the fog, though they will suffer from a prolonged coughing fit as their body forcibly pushes the offending gas out.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 2 turns/ 8 turns

SPELL NAME: NO2 filter
DESCRIPTION: A constant high-pressure stream of air covering the body of the caster. It is pressurized enough to push away any harmful gases, ensuring the caster remains shielded from gases angerous to inhale, as well as those dangerous on skin contact. It does little to shield them from physical harm though, and the absence of trace amounts of other elements make it so the oxygen shroud ignites easier than normal air.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 4 turns/ 7 turns
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Johann Argon


Posts : 18
Jewels : 110257
Character Rank : S-Rank
Guild : Grimoire Heart
Join date : 2015-08-27

PostSubject: Re: gas magic done   Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:14 am

el bumpo
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PostSubject: Re: gas magic done   Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: gas magic done   

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gas magic done
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