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PostSubject: Marcus -Done.-   Marcus -Done.- I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2015 7:09 pm

Marcus Gomez Romanov

Marcus -Done.- The_m-10

Name: Marcus Gomez Romanov
Nickname: "Kingpin" Marcus
Age: 24
Rank: S
Guild: Grimoire Heart
Sexual Orientation: Bi sexual


Height: 1m87
Weight: 75 kg
Guild Mark: Blood red right shoulder
General Appearance: Marcus likes to wear a black leather Italian shoes with red laces. His pants are made of  midnight black silk which is hold up with a normal dark brown belt. Above his waist he wears a pure white silk undershirt with midnight black buttons on it. Above his white undershirt he wears a midnight black waistcoat with pure white buttons. His coat is also midnight black but it's made from leather. Around his neck he wears a bloodred ribbon to close his undershirt. On his right eye, he wears a pitch black eye-patch with a huge green money symbole printed on it. He likes that his hair is combed to


Alignment: chaotic good


  • Gaining money
  • wine
  • cigars
  • smoke
  • music
  • dancing
  • books
  • information that helps him


  • Losing money
  • authoroties
  • terrible music
  • bad wine
  • terrible food
  • exploding cigars
  • fals information


  • Make lots of money
  • run an underground circuit
  • becoming the greatest mobster boss of Fiore
  • Own his own village


  • The bottom of the sea
  • meteor's
  • Losing his magic
  • losing all his money without getting more in return

General Personality:
Marcus is a person who treats everyone the same when they meet. He will help people if they pay a good price, it is not always money, it can go from sweets to information. He cares a lot for the people he trusts and cares about, he would go trough hell and back for them. He doesn't get angry really fast but when he is he can be brutal when fighting, normally he doesn't maim his opponent's to hard but when he's really angry he does that. When Marcus has someone he loves he will be romantic to them and very protectife. He will do anything he can to reach his goal even if that means to manipulate his allies and foes. Most of the time he is calm but talk about loaning money from him and he'll burgain with you about the rent, he can be resonable about it.


Name: Monster take-over
Element/Type: Caster
Description: The user can change into multiple different kinds of monsters from: games, anime, mythologie and series. But with every monster he gets their weakness, wich means that if he changes into a phoenix he is weak against water but is imume against fire because the phoenix is a being of pure fire, that fire can be eaten by fire slayers. Of course to get his forms he must study, kill or train with the monsters. Wich can be very hard to find them because they can be extinct. For some transformations he has to stand in specific ways to do so.


OOC NAME: Woetri
Another Character: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Marcus -Done.-   Marcus -Done.- I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2015 11:05 am

Approved, may begain working on starting spells.
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Marcus -Done.-
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