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The Writer 8sdKk1R

IC: Meet Brandish, she's the current official writer of Sorcerer Magazine and sometimes, she can be found in every corners of Fiore. She will write any news regarding magic and mages around Earthland. She has a legendary magic that no one can compete and she told everyone that it is a blessing from heaven to protect herself from dangers. She's really good at talking and writing, no wonder her magazine, the Sorcerer Magazine, can become a popular magazine. Actually, she was a member of the Spriggan 12 and part of the Alvarez Empire under the command of Emperor Spriggan. However, the recent tragedy changed her life so she decided to do what she likes. Anyway, her epithet is still the same, Twelfth Spriggan.

OOC: Brandish will be the staff's reporter. ICly, she will record everything that happen in the world and publish a magazine regarding it. Featuring the mages of the month, guild of the month, event of the month, etc. Basically, this is the site's award. Anything mentioned in the magazine will receive bonus jewels. She literally can be found around Fiore and at least, you can mention about seeing her in the street, etc. She's an NPC played by the Main Admin.
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