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 Rekka Starter spells

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Rekka Lawless


Posts : 8
Jewels : 130104
Character Rank : Z-rank
Character Magic : Dark Ecriture
Guild : Grimoire Heart
Join date : 2015-08-15

PostSubject: Rekka Starter spells   Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:31 pm

DESCRIPTION: By writing the runes in the air she will will reflect all incoming attacks and spells dealing the damage back onto the one that cast the spell or attacked. This spell surrounds her in all directions including underneath the ground but comes at a price. While this spell is active she is unable to cast any offensive spells and unable to move from the location where the spells was cast. This spell is able to be used rather frequently as it does no damage and simply makes her opponent hit themselves with their own magic or attacks.

SPELL NAME: Darkness
DESCRIPTION: She will write runes on her body and begin to change shape as her body will take on a demonic appearance, she will grow in size to about eleven feet tall and grow a tail wings and a horn. In this form it has several effects the first is she will become very physically powerful 40m jump, can fly 40m/s, can run up to 40m/s, can lift 320kg. This form also unlocks other spells to potentially use as it unlocks darkness spells. This form comes at a cost however the longer she is in this form the more she will begin to lose her mind, it will slowly whittle away at her and if she keeps this form for its full duration it will make her temporally insane the rest of the thread in which she used it.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 8 posts/Once a Thread

SPELL NAME: Teleport
DESCRIPTION: This spell allows her to teleport a medium distance away from where she was standing or moving. When this spell is used she is able to appear up to 30 meters away in any direction however she is unable to attack the turn she teleports. She is able to jump multiple times in one post but the more times she jumps the more fatigued she will become. She can jump a max of three times in one post before it goes on cooldown and is unable to be used again until the cooldown come back due to being tired. This is purely to avoid damage or move away from a targeting area, being this functionality of this spell does no damage it is also highly usable and making this a most frustrating spell to deal with.

DESCRIPTION: This is Her most powerful offensive spell she has and as the name indicates it is a brutally strong spell. She will write runes in the air and begin to focus for a moment as she will begin to write the letters rapidly in the air, the sky will turn black like the middle of the night without a full moon before she will fire her hand down targeting anyone she has in her mind in the area. The bolts will fly down at rapid speeds and begin to blast a massive area except for the allies she had in her mind as the spell was cast. Anyone A rank or below that is struck by this spell will be koed from the thread civilians struck will all die unless higher than A ranked and they will be knocked unconscious by the spell. Mages S rank or higher will if struck take a very severe amount of damage however due to them being stronger magically they will not be koed if struck. These bolts travel at very high rates of speed and it is likely more than one will land in said area as it is a barrage of attacks onto a targeted aoe spot. This size of the aoe is 100 meters as it rains down from the sky, it also causes massive damage to structures and other things in the areas such as trees and animals. This spell however comes at a very serious cost to use this spell she must give up one of her body parts be it a organ a finger, toe ect as a ingredient to cast the spell. Due to this high cost she will almost never use this spell unless she feels it must be used and any damage caused by this spell to herself cannot be repaired aka she cannot have her finger healed back on ect. Due to the insane power of this spell it can only be used once a thread and when used it will drain all her magical power and knock her unconscious making this a wild trump card with insane offensive power.
DURATION/COOLDOWN 1/once a thread

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Posts : 38
Jewels : 111905
Character Rank : Z
Character Magic : Nullification/Dispel
Join date : 2015-08-21

PostSubject: Re: Rekka Starter spells   Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:38 am

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Rekka Starter spells
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