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 Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]

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PostSubject: Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]   Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:47 pm

MISSION NAME: Dance with the Devil
PARTICIPANT: One other Light Mage
DESCRIPTION: Hargeon Town's port has been blocked off by a group of rowdy sea-faring, trouble making, mages. Several of these mages wield potentially dangerous magics and refuse to leave the port and its port-side businesses until their demands are met. Apprehend or repel these hooligans before they cause too much trouble. Defeat their leader Triobald the Grey and liberate the port. (Note: 5 Mages in Bar, 10 Mages on ship, all C-Rank Water Magic users. Tribald is an A-rank Mage with Water & Bullet Magic.)
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Posts : 11
Jewels : 149907
Character Rank : A-rank
Character Magic : Sky Devil Slayer
Guild : Sabertooth
Join date : 2015-08-12

PostSubject: Re: Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]   Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:26 pm

Down the winding paths of concrete walked a mildly handsome young man. His eyes focused and poised despite being half open while he seemed to be moving with a very loose posture. As if he was sluggishly making his way from point a to point b, it was clear to anyone with a brain that he wasn't currently in all that good of a mood. He had taken on a job with another mage to head to a seaside town called Hargeon so that he could help them with a situation that bordered on minor nuisance. How this mission was ranked so highly was beyond Marrow, it wasn't hard to force troublemakers to leave an area. Hargeon was a neutral town, no single guild laid claim over the missions that pertained to it or to protecting it. Whatever the case, Marrow didn't want to be here but needed the money that came with the job. His hands were tucked into his ripped up white jacket, one of the articles of clothing he wore on sunny days, and he wore his pants which were not only blue jeans but were tattered.

"Fucking redundant symbiotes and their small particle sized brains, dragging me out of my bed and making me come down here. At least the water is beautiful." He grumbled to himself, moving towards the crossroads that led both into and out of the village.

He approached the sign and waited to see if his contact would approach. He thought about what was happening back at the guild, with the leader trying to find not only the guilds Ace but thinking about how the guild itself was forced to stay in less than superb living accommodation. It was something that caused him visible annoyance, but he didn't want to be offputting to whoever he had to interact with. So he swallowed those feelings down, internalizing them. He was the first to arrive, though that didn't impress him at all. He was only here because that stupid girl rushed him to get here so fast. She was so annoying, good that he wouldn't have to see her for quite some time.

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Kyoto Shozomak

Kyoto Shozomak

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PostSubject: Re: Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]   Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:36 am

Kyoyo watched the port from afar as he gazed at the beautiful scenery. The wind was slightly blowing causing his scarf to blow in the wind causing waves to form and ripple. It was rare that Kyoto took missions that involved another mage that was in the same guild as him, but Kyoto wasn't the type that only associated with just his guild. He slowly began to make his way towards the town keeping an open eye for his contact and any mage that might try to test him while he was in the area.

Kyoto began making his way towards the crossroads as he noticed a figure standing seemingly waiting on someone else. Although he wasn't 100% sure if it was his contact he proceeded anyways with no fear whatsoever, at worst it'd be one of those pesky mages that he was on a mission to get rid of.

As he grew closer he raised his right hand and slightly nodded at the unknown man attempting to acknowledge to see if this was the right person or not without giving away to much information about who he was and what he was here for, just incase it wasnt his contact.
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PostSubject: Re: Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]   

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Dance with the Devil [Mission][Open: 1]
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